For every solar panel on your roof you will lower your electrical costs, increase the value of your property, become more competitative and lead the way towards the 17 UN Global Sustainable Deleopment Goals.



Tekla Solar delivers turnkey Solar PV systems of high quality to companies, property owners and housing societies in Scandinavia.



We are responsible for everything from the planning stage to the operation test of the system optimized for your conditions and requests so that you can focus on your own core operations or household. 



Based on our values RESULT, RELATIONSHIP and RESPECT we want to be your obvious partner today and for a long time to come.


By working with a few carefully selected partners and products that are quality tested far beyond the Solar PV business standards we guarantee a great RESULT in everything we do.  The best result for you is simply a success for us, the climate and the future.



The RELATIONSHIP with our customers, partners and employees always comes first. By delivering on our promise, being service minded and transparent we can build healthy long term relationships. You can feel confident with us so that you can focus in your own mission and performance. 



For us, RESPECT means that customers, partners and employees can feel safe and included at all times.  That is why we set high requirements for safety, equality and inclusion. This is a prerequisite for us being able to deliver the best result possible and to build valuable relationships.

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Join the future with solar panels


Together with us and our quality guaranteed solar cells you will take a step towards a more sustainable future for your company, facility, housing society and our planet.

Our Drive


What we do is affected by who we are. Intriguied? 

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