Our founder and CEO Anna Ahlström has long experience from working with advanced technology and finance in order to achieve positive change for society. Her MSc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Linköping, Sweden is her backbone. In addition, she has gained valuable experience from working at the Swedish Nuclear and Waste Management Company (SKB AB), Project Management and Financial Management for Military Radar Systems and Counter Measure in variuos countries across the world (Saab AB). When she later worked with global expansion (H&M Group) she learnt about Construction and Facility Management of stores and facilities across the globe. That is when the interest grew as to how that can be done better. She took her ideas with her and founded Tekla Solar.


In order to achieve the 17 UN Sustainability Goals, one thing we need to do is to secure access to sustainable energy for all. The demand is expected to increase globally with 37% until year 2040 according to the UN Development Programme. This places higher expectations on us as energy consumers at the same time as sustainable energy production becomes a growing competitative advantage. At Tekla Solar we want to be part of the solution together with you and to take the lead towards a more sustainable, fair and equal world by developing the way we operate our facilities,


A pre-requisite for the world's technology companies to find sufficient competence in the future, more women need to learn and develop within technology. That is why we want to drive a positive change by working towards having equal allocation of female and male employees and partners in an otherwise inequal line of business. We hope to be a role model within the Solar Energy trade by prioritising Result, Relationship and Respect. We are convinced that our, yours and the world's success comes from delivering the best result while maintaining a valuable relationship in a business where everyone can feel safe and included.


Now, we hope to be your partner today and for a long time to come! 




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