Our Solutions for Solar Panels


With our experience to lean on and by being grounded in our values, we hope to be your first choice partner today and for a long time to come.

Why Solar Panels?


By installing Solar PV cells on your roof you will lower your electrical bill, increase the value of your property and lead the way towards the UN Sustainable Development goals which at the same time gives you a competitative advantage by becoming more attractive to customers and employees.  

To reach the UN 17 Sustainable Development goals we need to, amongst other things, secure the availability of sustainable energy for all, achieve sustainable industries, innovations and infrastructure in the world. The world, that's us!

The demand on energy globally is expected to increase with 37 percent until year 2024, according to the UN Development Programme. This creates high expectations on us as energy consumers at the same time as a sustainable energy production becomes an increasingly important competitative advantage for companies.

WHAT is included?



Tekla Solar delivers turnkey Solar PV systems of high quality to companies, property owners and housing societies in Scandinavia. We are responsible for everything from the planning stage to the operation test of the system optimized for your conditions and requests so that you can focus on your own core operations or household. This means that you do not have to coordinate with a number of different suppliers, we will take care of the whole process.


HOW do we deliver Solar Panels?


We look into your conditions given your requests and at the property itself. Based on that, we create an offer for you to be approved. We take responsibility for everything from  planning, delivery, installation to an operation tested and ready-to-go system. 


Through our values RESULT, RELATIONSHIP and RESPECT, we hope to be your partner today and for a long time to come.

WHO is engaged in the process?


Tekla Solar delivers complete solutions and we are your only point of contact throughout the process. To ensure the best result possible we also work with a number of carefully selected partners with solid knowledge and experience who are pioneers in the Solar market segment. This gives us the opportunity to work with products that have been methodically quality tested well beyond what is standard within the trade of Solar PV cells and with tools that have the same quality ensurance. The handeling of our products is off course in line with the guidelines and requirements of the  Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. 


Our installers are specifically trained for carrying out installation of Solar PV panels and have conducted a profound theoretical- as well as practical education. All of our installers are certified for this kind of work and are registered at the Swedish Electrical Safety Agency which for instance means that they have a self-monitoring programme.



Follow our 5 steps to Solar Panels: 


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Solpaneler för bostadsrättsförening, brf
Solpaneler till villa

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